Welcome to Podar International School where opportunities for personal growth and intellectual development are limitless!

Education is a powerful and positive force, that shapes the lives of future citizens. It is our unceasing endeavour that each student leaves as a better individual, equipped with the right ideals and belief.

The School prepares the students to meet the challenges of life and moulds them into civilized and better citizens. A wide variety of opportunities is offered for students to express themselves; explore their interests and push the limits of their abilities.

We imbibe values of integrity, respect, self-determination and teamwork.Our prime focus is to see that each child gives his or her best and gains the skills necessary to be successful in school and in life.

In Podar every child is special and is provided personalized learning and high quality education so that he can achieve his potential to the optimum.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

Mrs. Ophelia Barreto
Principal - SSC



Today Podar schools in various states cater to the educational needs of over 2,00,000 students. Their future, their careers have been ceded to us. We need to nurture them, build them and gift them to the nation.

The management of Podar schools brings together a great learning community- Students, teachers and parents. The mission: To build responsible, global citizens through a widely accepted curriculum and principles based learning-centered education.

There should be no doubt that each Podar school will impart world-class education, through the best use of modern resources. It will develop young minds who think, question and create.

As we open our doors to a new generation of students, expectations are high. We expect them to be the stars in our skies.

Everyday, every year we will scale new heights, never standing still. We can never rest on our laurels because Excellence is a never ending search.

Dr. Pavan Podar
Chairman - Podar Group of Schools